A bespoke kitchen

Their kitchens are extremely attractive, durable and well-thought-out so as to make the clients happy with the furniture they have bought. What enables them to fulfil their clients’ needs? Primarily, they use high quality materials like solid wood, MDF, acrylic, laminates as well as steel and glass, for example. In addition to that they utilise advanced tools such as laser edge technology and cutting-edge Italian technology of hardening the fronts. Also the hinges and drawer rails they use are from one of the best producers. They are known especially for silent closing and lifetime warranty.

A single bespoke kitchen wouldn’t be created if the firm didn’t have such a skilful team of designers, artisans and experts in using variety of materials. They all perfectly know what to do, to make the clients dreams come true. Some models are available on https://newlinekitchendesign.co.uk/ website.

New line kitchen design
Cromwell road 142
SW7 4EF London
tel. 078 78 888 946