Hostel in Warsaw

If you are looking for a hostel in Warsaw, we have something for you. Our hostels at Nowogrodzka and Brzozowa Streets, both situated close to all the tourist hubs in the Polish capital, are waiting for you! You can check availability and current prices at our website. We are concerned with your safety and determined to make your stay in our city as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, our hostel offer exceeds the similar opportunities in many aspects. We believe it is possible to rent cheap rooms without lowering the standard.

What to expect?

This is the basis of our offer, common for both hostels:

  • diverse room layouts in various prices - single rooms with bathrooms, group rooms with bathroom outside, high-standard rooms etc.,
  • access to media - TV and free wi-fi connection,
  • fresh beddings and towels,
  • access to kitchen and bathroom appliances.

We are fully aware of the fact that a hostel is a place used primarily to rest at after a day full of excitement and adventure. We believe, however, that there is nothing against resting in a pleasant, comfortable atmoshpere. We designed and arranged our venues with that in mind.

Where to find us?

Our hostels are situated at:

  • 42 Nowogrodzka Street, close to the Central Station and the Palace of Culture and Science, one of Warsaw's major landmarks,
  • 37 Brzozowa Street, at the famous Warsaw escarpment, a couple steps away from the Old Town Market Square

Both are situated in close proximity to various points of interest - no matter if you're interested in history, making business, pure sightseeing, culinary adventures or nightlife - we are waiting for you!

Mish Mash Hostel
Nowogrodzka 42
00-695  Warszawa
tel. 512 951 446