How can I add a text to a photo?

If you wonder how to add a text to a photo, read more about the software, Visual Watermark, that runs on Mac (MacBooks, iMacs with Mac OS X Lion 10.7) and Windows (7, 8 or 10). Download it for free from and test it for 30 days. It is easy and convenient, works offline owing to which you can add a text or a logo to photographs even if you have never done it before. If you put your images online, you need to make sure that you protect your photos from being stolen. Fortunately, you can do it by yourself, and it won’t ruin your budget. Just submit a photo or a couple of pictures to the app, choose your watermark (your own or one of built-in templates available in the app), and add a text to a picture. The app lets you alter the position of the watermark, its location and size, add backgrounds or additional effects or change its opacity. If you prefer, you can add a text or an icon, or both to a photograph. The software works completely on your computer, handles formats like JPG, CMYK or PNG and is safe, quick and efficacious since you may also save templates (up to 10 of them). If you don’t have your own logo or a signature, just use one of the fonts and icons available from the app. Remember that the app adds a watermark by default, but you can always customize it later (for example if the program puts a watermark in a place or size you don’t like, just alter it according to your preferences). Adding a text to a photo with Visual Watermark is easy as can be – just choose from 260 fonts which include also styles like bold or italic, and customize it with 66 visual effects. Go to and learn more about the app.

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